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Category: Atlas Applications

Atlas STIG Compliance

Meet Atlas STIG Compliance

Like you, cyber criminals and bad actors are hard at work developing their technology, and they’re laser-focused on discovering new ways to infiltrate and exploit

Meet Scheduling Inspector

Meet Atlas Scheduling Inspector

Search is at the heart of a great Splunk experience, but poorly configured searches could give be giving you inaccurate results, wasting system resources, or

App Awareness

Meet Atlas App Awareness

Over time the installation, upkeep, and management of applications in your Splunk environment can become increasingly difficult. The more apps you install and use, the

Cloud Migration

Meet Atlas Migration Helper

Whether you’re moving to Splunk Cloud or migrating your Splunk instance from one server, system, architecture, or filesystem to another, there are a lot of

Meet Atlas Monitor

Meet Atlas Monitor

Creating incredible results and outcomes in Splunk requires what we call “data certainty.” Meaning, you know you have all the data you need, and you

Enterprise Security Helper app icon

Meet Atlas ES Helper

  ES Helper is the purpose-built tool for getting Splunk Enterprise Security over the hump and actionable for Security Teams. Enterprise Security is a complex