What is Atlas?

Splunk is amazing — business and operational insights, IT Ops, security, compliance — there’s not a better platform available. But it’s also complex, and while achieving success is sometimes viewed as a “destination,” it’s really a journey.

Atlas is a subscription service that provides a clear path forward on your Splunk journey with revolutionary datacenter architectures, personal guidance and support, and a collection of applications and utilities that provide powerful insights, instantly. The platform brings new, innovative solutions to the Splunk community and enables scalable, consistent success.


Achieve more with innovative applications and utilities in an interface that’s clean, easy to navigate, and — dare we say — fun

The Atlas Platform interface is your hub of activity within the platform, including a collection of powerful applications and utilities that simplify daily tasks within Splunk. Core capabilities within Atlas provide clear visibility into data sources, a library of powerful searches that eliminates the need to understand Splunk’s Search Processing Language (SPL) for non-admin users, Splunk Forwarder awareness, and a scheduling assistant that allows users to optimize scheduled searches and jobs. The end result is less time wrestling with the platform, and more time doing the things that drive business forward.

You’re never lost in Splunk with Atlas. And Expertise on Demand is your personal guide.

Expertise on Demand provides access to Splunk experts via a set amount of hours each month (consumable in increments as small as 15 minutes). EOD provides customers with immediate access to expert assistance with (but not limited to):

  • Splunk dashboards, reports, data models, and custom use cases
  • Best practices for design, implementation, and operation of Splunk
  • Knowledge transfer of Splunk platform expertise to aid your engineering teams for  troubleshooting, advanced Q&A, and other best practices

EOD for Splunk perfectly fits between traditional professional services and platform technical support, complementing both and enhancing the overall Splunk experience.

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