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Ready to get more out of
Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud?

How much are poor results in Splunk costing you (in both time and budget)? Can you visualize where you want to be with Splunk, but not sure how to get there? Is friction with Splunk in your organization causing you frustration?

  • Does managing Splunk take too much time?
  • Having trouble finding qualified Splunk talent?
  • Spending more than you want on Splunk licensing?
  • Unsure if you’re ingesting the right data?
  • Do compliance & security keep you up at night?
  • Having trouble getting organization buy-in?

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What customers are saying:

Atlas shows the path forward in Splunk for every member and at every level of your organization.


Splunk Users

Atlas liberates users with tools like the Atlas Search Library, which enables Splunkers to run powerful searches with the push of a button.

Splunk Admins

Admins love how easy Atlas makes it to roll out admin-level insights and functions to their whole team, regardless of background or skill level.


When business results matter, Atlas empowers teams to quickly derive value from Splunk, reduce TCO, and impact the bottom line.

Put hours back in your day & dollars back in your budget.

Whenever ever-changing expectations and increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements threaten your ability to innovate, Splunk solutions from Kinney Group provide a clear path forward. Kinney Group’s professional services, Expertise on Demand service, and the Atlas software platform offer our customers trusted, expert guidance to help them achieve success with Splunk.

650+ engagements worldwide

Hundreds of organizations, large and small, trust Kinney Group to deliver superior results.


How we get meaningful results in Splunk, every time.

With over 650 engagements, our Splunk-certified engineers lean on their trail-tested expertise and experience to chop through the dense forests of complexity, find the best path forward, and equip you to find your way to the business results you’re seeking.

Step 1

A complimentary discovery session allows us to assess your needs and introduce you to the best solution to achieve your Splunk goals.

Step 2

We equip you with Atlas — the leading platform for finding your way to meaningful results in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.

Step 3

Our team provides critical support, resources, and education when you need it most to ensure you never lose your way.