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Meet Atlas STIG Compliance

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Written by: Kinney Group | Last Updated:

March 19, 2024
Atlas STIG Compliance

Originally Published:

November 18, 2022
Like you, cyber criminals and bad actors are hard at work developing their technology, and they’re laser-focused on discovering new ways to infiltrate and exploit your organization. Modern operating systems (OS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) networking equipment have come a long way in terms of security, but none are secure out of the box. And especially not to the exacting standards maintained by Department of Defense (DoD) commands, agencies, and contractors. Are you prepared to defend your organization? DISA’s configuration standards — known as Security Technical Implementation Guides or STIGs — provide a way to make systems comprised of COTS equipment and operating systems infinitely more secure. But it’s also a time-consuming, and incredibly manual process. Hardening, documentation, and monitoring take tons of hours, making the effort not only tedious and time-consuming, but costly as well. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Atlas STIG Compliance application, which makes monitoring, reporting, and documentation push-button simple, reducing what used to be days of work to just minutes. Atlas could save you thousands of hours of effort and millions in STIG-compliance related costs.

What is Atlas STIG Compliance?

Atlas STIG Compliance is designed to help you collect, analyze, and interact with your compliance data all from within Splunk, near real-time visibility into the status of your compliance documentation, powerful automation tools for documentation and checklists, and the ability to manage your STIG checklists, Security Content Automation Protocols (SCAP) scan outputs, and user-generated data.

The benefits of utilizing Splunk & automation

While there are other software-based solutions for automating STIG compliance, none provide the level of deep integration with Splunk, or the transformative automation capabilities of Atlas STIG Compliance. Utilizing industry-leading technology already in use by DoD agencies and 85%+ of Fortune 500 organizations, Atlas STIG Compliance ensures your ability to STIG faster, get secure more quickly, pass your audits, and save millions in the process. With Atlas STIG Compliance, you can:

Collect STIG compliance data multiple sources to get a real-time view of your STIG compliance posture within Splunk.

Within Atlas STIG Compliance you can create systems that allow you to view the status of your infrastructure directly in an easy to create and view dashboard.

Manage compliance documentation within the Splunk UI and export it out in DISA STIG Viewer format.

Managing compliance documentation is an incredibly tedious, mind-numbing process. Due to the nature of the work, and the ever-changing requirements, it’s easy to miss items that could cost your organization during an audit or, even worse, a cyberattack. Atlas STIG Compliance allows you to bulk update STIG checklists within the Splunk UI to reduce manual editing of STIG checklists, and continuously collect STIG Compliance data from multiple sources to prepare for an audit or for continuous compliance monitoring

Automate STIG remediation with included automation modules.

Don’t risk non-compliance. Utilizing industry-standard automation technology from Puppet, Atlas customers can enforce automated remediation and checklist generation via included Puppet modules, shaving thousands of hours of remediation and documentation effort — and all the costs associated with those efforts.

The stakes are high

With Atlas STIG Compliance, you never have to risk non-compliance (or getting shut down… or losing funding…) again. Leading the way into the future requires being on the front-end of adapting game-changing technology. Automation is more than a buzzword — it’s a necessity to maintain your sanity, your budget, and your mission in an increasingly complex compliance landscape. Ready to learn more? We’d love to give you a 1:1 introduction of Atlas, or get you started with a free 30-day trial so you can put Atlas STIG Compliance to the test in your own environment:    
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