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Category: Best Practices

Cloud Migration

Meet Atlas Migration Helper

Whether you’re moving to Splunk Cloud or migrating your Splunk instance from one server, system, architecture, or filesystem to another, there are a lot of

Meet Atlas Monitor

Meet Atlas Monitor

Creating incredible results and outcomes in Splunk requires what we call “data certainty.” Meaning, you know you have all the data you need, and you

data awareness i

See More: Data Awareness in Splunk

Every beautiful dashboard and impressive visual Splunk is capable of producing is, ultimately, driven by two things: data and search. And while search is the

what is a splunk creator

What is a Splunk Creator?

Typically when we think of “creators,” we think of, well, creative occupations. Painters, designers, architects, and the like. Or maybe you think in more modern

Do More With Splunk

Do More With Splunk

In every recession, organizations find themselves in uncharted waters — after all, no two recessions or downturns are the same. What worked for Company A

reduce bundle size

Solving Splunk Bundle Size Issues

Cluster Bundles are packages of knowledge objects that must be shared between indexers and search heads in clustered environments. Unfortunately, these can get too big