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What is a Splunk Creator?

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Written by: Kinney Group | Last Updated:

March 19, 2024
what is a splunk creator

Originally Published:

October 11, 2022

Typically when we think of “creators,” we think of, well, creative occupations. Painters, designers, architects, and the like. Or maybe you think in more modern terms, such as YouTubers and TikTok content creators. But most individuals working with Splunk wouldn’t consider the work they do with and in the platform to be creative.

Except… it really is.

Think about it for a moment. An architect or product designer gathers a list of requirements and then creates the best possible solution with existing materials, working within the budget and time constraints the client has laid out for them.

Isn’t that exactly what you do each and every day in Splunk?

Someone needs an outcome:

“We want a dashboard to view security incidents.”

“I need a visualization for revenue vs targets.”

“We need a way to collect Remote Work Insights.”

And what do you do? What every creator does. You look at the available materials — the data you’re pulling in to your environment — and then you begin to use the platform to create a solution. An outcome.

A masterpiece.

A dashboard in Splunk is more than graphs and charts and tables. It’s the output of one of the most complex functions asked of any technical professional — telling a story with data.

“Is our organization safe from threats today?”

“Are we delivering on our promise to our customers and stakeholders?”

You tell those stories — and many others like them — every day with the solutions and outcomes you create in Splunk.

Look at you go.

Want to learn how?

If you want to create incredible outcomes in Splunk that empower you to see more, create more, and save more with the platform, grab our free “Do More with Splunk” ebook (just tap the button below — no email necessary). You’ll learn what a Splunk “Creator” is (and does), and get actionable next steps for accelerating your Splunk journey.


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