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Immediate access to Splunk experts. Anytime.

Kinney Group’s Subscriptions Services address day-to-day roadblocks, support, training needs, and questions with anytime, immediate access to our team of industry-leading engineers. Whether as an extension of your team, advisors on technical challenges, or assisting with complete ownership of remote, ad-hoc projects, Kinney Group provides effective solutions and quick turnarounds to help you get the most from your platform investment.


Splunk is a powerful platform for Operational Intelligence that transcends the traditional point tool. Yet, employing the full potential of this leading technology can be overwhelming. Allocating resources, finding talent, and prioritizing use cases can be challenging.

What’s holding you back from using Splunk to its full potential? To get the most out of Splunk, your organization needs support. And your support needs run the gamut:

  • Professional Services for Long-Term Strategic Projects
  • Expertise on Demand to Enable Daily Progress
  • Customer Support for Urgent, Important Fixes

Until now, Expertise on Demand support didn’t exist. Instead, users who needed immediate help from a senior Splunk engineering expert were left with few options.

Get anytime, immediate access to our deep bench of Splunk experts with a subscription to Expertise on Demand for Splunk.[/vc_column_text]

Expertise on Demand (EOD) for Splunk

Don’t let your investment in Splunk fall flat because you don’t have enough Splunk expertise on staff. Expertise on Demand (EOD) for Splunk is designed to answer your team’s daily questions and break through stubborn roadblocks. EOD for Splunk is a perfect complement for traditional, project-based professional services and maintenance support, providing a set amount of hours each month you can utilize however and whenever you’d like.

What can I do with EOD?

  • Splunk dashboards, reports, data models, and custom use cases
  • Best practices for design, implementation, and operation of Splunk
  • Knowledge transfer of Splunk expertise to aid your engineering teams for troubleshooting, advanced Q&A, and other best practices

Power Packs for Splunk

Have more complex, time-consuming Splunk challenges? Power Packs provide short, incremental support for your Splunk environment, with virtual engineering hours for quickly building and developing Splunk dashboards and reports. With no project manager required, Power Packs offer the quickest and easiest way to knock out ad-hoc Splunk.

  • Data ingest and visualization
  • Building and developing dashboards and reports
  • Datasource onboarding
  • Architecture support