Proactive Managed Services from Kinney Group’s team of trail-tested Splunk experts generate results and provide solutions for every stage of your Splunk journey.

Our team of Splunk-certified experts ensure reliable deployment, management, and monitoring of Splunk with best practices that provide powerful insights and incredible performance. General administrative tasks along with Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) are strengthened by 24/7 on-call support.

But let’s be honest, these are “table stakes” with Splunk Managed Services. In the competitive business landscape you’re in, you don’t just need the bare minimum. You need a partner focused on offering you relief and helping you realize real returns on your investment. Kinney Group Managed Services for Splunk is here to help.


Expand your team with 50+ Splunk-certified professionals (for less than a single FTE)

For many users of Splunk, the organization’s System Admin has to wear multiple hats, including Splunk Admin. This means — because they’re often so busy managing critical business applications and surviving the “day-to-day” — they often don’t have the bandwidth to get the full value out of the Splunk platform.

Managed Services for Splunk from Kinney Group is a force multiplier that provides you with a team of Splunk-certified professionals focused on helping you win with Splunk and delivering returns on your investment, fast.

A paradigm change for Splunk Managed Services

The Kinney Group MSP offering disrupts traditional managed service offerings and sets a new standard for outsourced management of the Splunk platform. KGI’s MSP offering combines world-class Splunk architecture support with the power of the Atlas Platform. The end result for Splunk customers is a managed service offering that is purpose-built to enable organizations to maximize their investments in Splunk, while also dramatically reducing costs associated with
operating the platform.

Supportive Managed Services

  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)
  • On-Call Support
  • Splunk General Administrative Tasks
  • Moves / Adds / Changes
    • Creating new SPL Searches
    • Developing new Dashboards or Reports
    • Assistance with Data On-Boarding
    • Field Extractions & Data Transformations
    • New Alerts and Workflows
  • Data Model Creation
  • … and more!

Proactive Managed Services

  • Architecture Diagnostics
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Forwarder Health
  • Use case analysis
  • Security Integration Review
  • Growth Planning
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Includes the Atlas Platform
  • … and more!

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