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Kinney Group relies on all colleagues to help identify sales opportunities to grow our portfolio of customers and opportunities. The Army uses a mantra known as ES2 to find “bad guys.” This is also known through the catchphrase “Every Soldier is a Sensor.” In our environment, this means that every colleague is going to encounter opportunities, ideas, and contacts who can help grow our business.

The purpose of this Customer Referral Program is to provide an incentive award to current colleagues who bring new customer and sales leads to the company. In addition to new leads, this will also occur through the course of business, as our colleagues visit customer sites and identify follow-on customer needs for additional products and services. All colleagues are expected to understand Kinney Group’s scope and value proposition and help to evangelize our product offerings.

Colleagues must have firsthand knowledge of customer needs and be willing to identify actionable next steps with the Sales team.

  • Referred customers can be either:
    • New product or service offerings, not presently identified or registered, within existing customer accounts.
    • New customers, not presently associated with Kinney Group for any products/services. 
  • Customer leads received from another source within 6 months or with registered opportunities already in place are not eligible.

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