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Splunk Certification Costs

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Written by: Caleb Stought | Last Updated:

April 19, 2024
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Originally Published:

May 19, 2023

Training and certifications are very common in the IT industry. However, many are surprised to find out Splunk offers its own certification path. While many know Splunk as an industry leader in data analytics, fewer pursue certifications to strengthen their mastery of the platform. As of 2021, less than half of Splunk practitioners had earned a Splunk certification.

Splunk’s training path can turn novices into professionals, and professionals into experts. Although there is a cost associated with these certifications, the skill development an organization reaps, as a result, is well worth the investment. So, what is that cost?

What does a Splunk Certification Cost?

To understand the cost of Splunk certifications it is important to understand the training that goes along with them. Here is an example using the recommended courses for the Splunk User certification:

Splunk Certification Cost

While some may prefer the cost advantage of taking eLearning courses, others may prefer to spend a bit more money to be taught by an instructor in a small, online class. Luckily for both these groups, Splunk offers both options.

It is also worth noting that Splunk offers significant discounts to employees of Splunk partner companies. These discounts can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars throughout the course of your Splunk education journey.

The Benefits of Getting Splunk Certified

While getting Splunk certified can be costly, the benefits to you and your organization are many. These benefits are reflected in skill development, revenue, and networking.

Splunk certifications will increase an employee’s proficiency with the platform.

Getting Splunk certified means learning more about the Splunk platform and its capabilities. Often the skills you practice in a Splunk course are those that are commonly used in Splunk implementations and requested by Splunk customers.

While some of this knowledge can be acquired online, the knowledge presented in a Splunk course is of higher quality. It also comes with the added benefit of expert guidance and instruction by some of Splunk’s best engineers.

A company can bill customers more money for a more highly certified individual.

Often, customer bill rates correspond to an individual’s proficiency. This means that an individual earning a more advanced certification will earn more money for their company. This will often translate into a higher salary for the individual as well.

Although individuals may be able to acquire these skills without certifications or courses, it can be difficult to quantify an individual’s experience to a customer without them. Certifications are an industry-accepted standard that attests to an individual’s proficiency level.

Taking Splunk courses is an excellent way to network.

Splunk’s small class settings provide an opportunity to get to know your instructors and fellow classmates well. These relationships can be important outside the classroom, providing business opportunities as well as an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing between professionals.

Relying only on members of your own company for knowledge risks isolating your professional development from new and upcoming trends within the industry.

Levels of Splunk Certification

There are multiple levels of Splunk certification, as well as areas of expertise in which you can specialize, such as cloud implementations or premium apps. Generally, the core Splunk certifications follow this path:

Splunk Certification Cost

Note that beginning with the Admin certification, all coursework is instructor-led.

How to Register for Splunk Courses and Exams

Splunk courses can be found by visiting On the left side of that page, select the category “Splunk Courses”. Then, click the course in the list that you wish to take. Most eLearning courses are free and can be completed at your own pace. Instructor led training however is given on a prescribed schedule. Splunk also offers instructor led training in multiple time zones so people around the world can learn Splunk on their schedule.

Splunk certification exams are offered by Splunk’s testing partner, PearsonVue. These exams can be found at Note that each exam has coursework prerequisites. Additionally, some certificates also have certificate prerequisites. It’s up to you to confirm you meet the requirements before registering. PearsonVue certificate exams can be taken at a testing center or from the comfort of your home, under very strict guidelines and with a digital proctor.

Once you’ve completed the exam, you’ll receive immediate feedback on whether you passed. Additionally, you can find previous test attempt reports by logging into your PearsonVue account and navigating to My Account -> Exam History.


Splunk certifications are an excellent way of enriching your skillset and proving your knowledge to prospective employers and customers. Splunk coursework can be taken via eLearning or instructor led training, both of which have pros and cons. After completing the required coursework and studying, you’re ready to register for your exam. Good luck!

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