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Author: Wes Comer

The Splunkers Guide to Splunk 9.0

Splunk Enterprise version 9.0 was released on July 14, 2022 during Splunk .conf2022, offering a variety of new features and phasing a few old ones

What is the Splunk REST API?

The Splunk platform REST API provides the ability to create, read, update, or delete resources across the Splunk Enterprise platform. This capability can be leveraged

Meet Atlas STIG Compliance

Like you, cyber criminals and bad actors are hard at work developing their technology, and they’re laser-focused on discovering new ways to infiltrate and exploit

Meet Atlas Scheduling Inspector

Search is at the heart of a great Splunk experience, but poorly configured searches could give be giving you inaccurate results, wasting system resources, or

See More: Data Awareness in Splunk

Every beautiful dashboard and impressive visual Splunk is capable of producing is, ultimately, driven by two things: data and search. And while search is the

What is a Splunk Creator?

Typically when we think of “creators,” we think of, well, creative occupations. Painters, designers, architects, and the like. Or maybe you think in more modern