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Kinney Group, Inc. Launches Atlas: Empowering Rapid Splunk Success

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Written by: Kinney Group | Last Updated:

March 11, 2024
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Originally Published:

November 10, 2020

NOTE: In the time since this post was authored, Atlas has grown and evolved into “The Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk.” Now, organizations large and small depend on Atlas every day to help them create new paths to incredible results. The offering has changed slightly from what you’ll read about below, but we love looking back on this little piece of Atlas and Kinney Group history as the day our journey with Atlas officially began. Enjoy!


Atlas is a revolutionary new platform from Kinney Group, Inc. (KGI) that allows customers to bypass the complexities of Splunk through a suite of powerful applications and utilities that simplify day-to-day operations within Splunk. The Atlas Platform includes KGI’s unparalleled Expertise on Demand service, delivered by Kinney Group’s team of award-winning Splunk professionals. Available beginning today, the new platform is guided by the promise, “You’re never lost in Splunk with Atlas.”

“We’ve worked with hundreds of wickedly smart and capable customers over the years who depend on Splunk for business operations and security,” said Jim Kinney, CEO of Kinney Group. “What we’ve found is those tasked with managing Splunk also have a heavy responsibility in their day-to-day jobs. So, for customers, Splunk needs to be usable and add value quickly. The Atlas Platform removes friction and guides the way to success with Splunk.”

Splunk is the #1 big data analytics platform, serving thousands of customers worldwide. With the incredible results Splunk can produce, however, it’s also incredibly complex. The Atlas platform brings new, innovative solutions to the Splunk community enabling customers to achieve scalable and consistent success with Splunk.

For many users, the benefits of the Atlas platform could cut costs associated with operating Splunk in half.

“Atlas serves everyone who lives in Splunk, from users to administrators to architects,” explains Roger Cheeks, Director of Analytics Technology at Kinney Group. “Anyone working in the platform who needs consistent and high-performing results will benefit from Atlas. You no longer have the questions and burdens behind building, monitoring, and managing your data within Splunk — now you have Atlas.”

Atlas Reference Designs

Atlas Reference Designs provide a clear roadmap for data center architecture, enabling Splunk customers to model and build their on-premise Splunk environments at scale. For customers running Splunk “on-prem,” Atlas Reference Designs significantly reduce compute, storage, and network infrastructure footprints while delivering 10x improvements in performance and reliability when compared to legacy designs.

Atlas Applications and Utilities

The Atlas platform includes powerful applications, utilities, and integrations for Splunk that simplify daily tasks within Splunk. Core capabilities within Atlas provide clear visibility into data sources, a library of powerful searches that eliminates the need to understand Splunk’s Search Processing Language (SPL) for non-admin users, Splunk Forwarder awareness, and a scheduling assistant that allows users to optimize scheduled searches and jobs.

Expertise on Demand

Expertise on Demand (EOD) provides anytime access to a certified team of Splunk professionals on-demand, and in increments as small as 15 minutes. It’s like having Splunk experts on call to support your needs, large and small, with the Splunk platform. EOD combined with Atlas enables customers to quickly realize success in their journey with Splunk.

Also introduced today — Kinney Group Managed Services

Kinney Group also introduced Managed Services for Splunk (MSP) at a company launch event today. With deep technical expertise and proven experience implementing and achieving success with Splunk for hundreds of commercial and public sector organizations worldwide, Kinney Group’s Splunk-certified professionals will manage your Splunk needs 24/7 including monitoring infrastructure (forwarders, indexers, search heads, etc.), system upgrades, monitoring of log collection, custom dashboards and reports, searches, and alerts. This offering allows companies to reduce overhead related to Splunk, without losing the value and powerful insights the platform provides.

The Kinney Group MSP offering disrupts traditional managed services offerings and sets a new standard for outsourced management of the Splunk platform. KGI’s MSP offering is for both on-prem Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud customers and combines world-class Splunk architecture support with KGI’s EOD and the power of the Atlas platform. The end result for Splunk customers is a managed services offering that is purpose-built to enable organizations to maximize their investments in Splunk, while dramatically reducing costs associated with operating the Splunk platform.

About Kinney Group

Kinney Group, Inc. was established in 2006 and has grown into an organization with the singular purpose of delivering best-in-class professional and subscription services. Partnering with some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in both the Public and Commercial sectors, Kinney Group boasts a growing list of over 500 successful Splunk engagements. Kinney Group consultants are not only focused on delivering superior technical solutions, but also driving the human, mission, and financial outcomes that are vital to your success.

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