Part 3 – Returns on Investment Enabled with a Forwarder Management Solution

Part 3 – Returns on Investment Enabled with a Forwarder Management Solution

As our VP of Engineering, Sundaresh, explained in Part 2 of our 3-part series, the Splunk Forwarder Management solution from Kinney Group successfully addresses the risks identified if forwarders are not actively managed.

We also believe that the forwarder management solution provides tangible returns on investment in three areas – mission, financial, and human.  We call these the “3 ROIs” that all should be present in any enterprise software investment.

For the Splunk forwarder management solution, Kinney Group sees the following application of the 3 ROIs:

Mission ROI – all organizations are investing in Splunk to help address identified business and mission objectives.  If the application for Splunk is security, the capabilities provided by Splunk are critical to an organization’s security posture.

Given that forwarders are a critical component for a successful Splunk implementation, there is direct correlation between effective active management of Splunk forwarders and success with Splunk – hence the connection to mission success and a tangible mission ROI.

Financial ROI – all effective management solutions should help drive out costs.  This includes both direct costs and opportunity costs.

On average, there is 4-6 hours of engineering time required annually to properly deploy, configure, patch, update, and manage an ecosystem of Splunk forwarders.  For organizations that have deployed thousands or tens of thousands of forwarders, the engineering costs associated with forward management can add up fast.

The Kinney Group Forwarder Management solution drives out 80-90% of the time needed to manage forwarders using legacy manual- or script-oriented approaches.  This time reduction will drive measurable direct cost savings.

When engineers are freed up from rote tasks associated with software management, this is time that is now freed up to deliver more mission-oriented results from Splunk – said another way, this is the area of opportunity costs.  While opportunity costs can be a challenge to quantify, they remain very real.  Our Forwarder Management solution helps reduce opportunity costs.

Human ROI – managing a distributed ecosystem of Splunk forwarders using manual techniques is painful for engineers.  Having to manage thousands of forwarders with legacy approaches is unpleasant work that most engineers would like to avoid.

Happy engineers produce extraordinary results for the enterprise.  Our forwarder management solution helps reduce the time to execute rote tasks that are tied to forwarder management.  This Human ROI is perhaps the most tangible of all.

Conclusion – with Kinney Group’s Forwarder Management solution, organizations can now be better equipped to address the challenges of Splunk forwarder management and do so in a way that provides real returns on investment.

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