The traditional world of analytics, which is slowly realized and has poorly utilized deliverables, has shifted dramatically: The data dinosaurs are now extinct.

Without proper automated analytics solutions, you’re missing key insights into your business and opportunities to extract value. Kinney Group’s expert team helps you get the most out of your machine data by leveraging analytics so you can stay ahead of your competition.

IT Operations Analytics

Operational insights made easier and achieved quickly. We are in a new day and age of IT Operations—the era of the “software-defined enterprise.” No longer just enablers for back-office processes, software applications represent the key enablers for commercial businesses and public sector organizations; they are the “face of the organization” to customers, partners, and also internal co-workers.

The ability to leverage analytics to support critical applications within the software-defined enterprise will define the winners and losers in the market. Today’s constituencies expect applications to be “always on,” and problems must be identified and resolved in minutes (if not quicker).

The power of IT Operations Analytics holds promise as the enabler for dramatically reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) metrics for critical applications, regardless of where a problem exists. Leveraging machine data in real-time is the cutting edge in analytics and empowers companies to creatively scrutinize all their data in an automated, continuous, and contextual way to maximize business learnings and opportunities.

The use of analytics by a commercial entity can increase top-line growth by 20% in a year. But, deriving business value through analytics is an art. Splunk and AppDynamics are the dominant leaders in the space and can deliver immediate value to your business.

At Kinney Group, we achieve our customers’ missions by utilizing Splunk + AppDynamics to “see something,” and then pairing VMware + Puppet to “do something” about what we see.

Business Intelligence

Real-time systems intelligence solutions. Imagine having reliable, visualized dashboards to understand your entire infrastructure. In real-time, you can observe mission-critical infrastructure metrics (slow business response times, transaction speeds, adherence to SLAs, etc.). Within this capability, imagine pinpointing and troubleshooting problems in minutes or less that used to take days. You don’t have to be a data scientist to leverage this reference design.

Modern infrastructure is a virtualized “layer cake” of compute, network, storage, operating system, and application software. Each of these layers is producing raw, log data that our platforms Splunk and AppDynamics analyze.

At Kinney Group, we help you tear down silos and correlate the right data. Coupled with the experience and expertise of our senior engineers, we will equip you to make business decisions now, not later. So, go ahead. Have your “layer cake” and eat it, too.

Enterprise Security

Enhance cybersecurity by leveraging existing machine data. The industry average for discovering a security breach is over 200 days—this is simply not acceptable anymore. Kinney Group has a swath of experienced, certified security professionals that build advanced security management solutions using the power of Splunk and the Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) platform.

If you are frozen by where to start with cybersecurity, start with knowing your shortcomings. Splunk ES harvests intelligence from machine data, in real-time. Our solutions empower you to identify threats fast and dramatically speed up time-to-resolution so that your organization doesn’t become another statistic.

Our process focuses on software development and sustainability.

Innovative software that just works is an incredible competitive advantage. As organizations work to achieve the software development effectiveness enabled by methodologies such as DevOps and Agile, they require fast approaches to problem resolution to be successful. We combine the power of Splunk and AppDynamics to build software development lifecycle solutions that reduce problem resolution timeframes from hours or days, down to minutes. As a result, your software developers are free to develop great capabilities. Quit constantly fighting fires and just make good software.

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