As a trusted cloud solutions integrator for Public Sector agencies and both Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies, Kinney Group reimagines IT solutions as optimized by analytics and automation technologies to transform business and mission potential.

Our elite team is made up of proven experts in enabling digital transformation and guiding organizations in their journey to the cloud. Through our cloud solutions practice, combined with our expertise in the orchestration of advanced security, analytics, and infrastructure technologies, we provide solutions, services, and support to fit your Big Data Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure Services, and IT Automation needs.

Big Data Analytics

Insight through analytics. Leveraging machine data in real-time is the cutting edge in analytics and empowers companies to creatively scrutinize all their data in an automated, continuous, and contextual way to maximize business learnings and opportunities.

Through manufacturer partners such as Splunk and AppDynamics, we offer Big Data Analytics solutions in areas such as:

  • IT Operations Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud Services & Infrastructure

Infrastructure as an asset. The software-defined data center is the essence of cloud computing. At Kinney Group, we are virtualization specialists achieving new levels of security by transcending hardware-based approaches.

Our team designs, builds, deploys, and optimizes secure cloud computing frameworks as strategic assets enabling digital transformation. Our Cloud Services capabilities include consulting, design, integration, and managed services, and support in the following areas:

  • Secure Private Cloud Design and Implementation
  • Hybrid Cloud Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Strategies – technical and financial

IT Automation & DevOps

Automation is in our DNA. Automation unleashes unprecedented IT optimization, eliminating complexity and allowing IT virtuosos to shine and scale digital capabilities properly. Orchestration is the sequencing of automation—the “symphony” created by multiple automations working in harmony.

Automation and Orchestration together drive down the time, cost, and risks of securely deploying applications into the cloud. Consider the automation experts at Kinney Group to be enablers for organizations’ internal IT teams, helping them reduce reliance on outside contractors. We deliver transformational automation solutions in the following areas:

  • Creation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CIDC) capabilities
  • Application Deployment and Configuration Management Automation
  • Compliance and Enablement of Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Secure by Design,
Not as an Afterthought

Software-defined, real-time approaches to the rescue.

Security is a C-suite imperative with IT, financial, and corporate reputation implications. With security breaches today being reputation killers, security should always be the first and last consideration in IT. At Kinney Group, we rely on our collaborative OEM partnerships combined with our experience working within secure classified networks to meticulously harden, test, and troubleshoot all IT environments.

Our secure by design approach combines solid security architecture design and compliance concepts from the ground up. This means that customers can reduce their time and costs associated with securing complex environments.

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