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Harness the power of analytics & automation

Next-generation professional services

Best-in-class expertise in three specific platforms:

Recognized as the industry leader for machine data analytics, and the world’s leading Unified Security and Observability Platform.

The innovator of advanced application performance monitoring that combines tracing, byte-level inspection, and advanced analytics.

The industry leader for configuration automation that manages system-state for software applications and operating systems.

Kinney Group services include solution development, integration, and platform administration. Our engineers harness the power of these platforms for security, IT operations, DevOps, and performance management use cases.  We work within all cloud service provider environments (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM SoftLayer, Oracle Cloud, and others).

Our engineering delivery is grounded in services delivery best practices and flexibility. We are active practitioners of the SAFe® Agile discipline for solution development and delivery. And, we adhere to independent verification and validation (IV&V) for quality assurance. Superb documentation and knowledge transfer are foundational elements of our services, not an afterthought.

Kinney Group engineers support both Commercial and Public Sector organizations.  All engineers possess CompTIA Security+ certifications, with many of our delivery personnel also holding senior-level U.S. Federal security clearances.

At Kinney Group, we pursue a practice-oriented approach that enables our engineers to be highly collaborative specialists specific to the platforms we work with. Each platform-specific practice provides a portfolio of offerings that are purpose-built for each platform.