Organizations big and small are being tasked with addressing a wide variety of IT challenges to transform their businesses. Ever-changing expectations and increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements can threaten an organization’s ability to innovate and forge ahead.

Are you looking to maximize investments in technology to help connect employees and customers to achieve business and mission objectives? Kinney Group’s knowledge of the most advanced security, analytics, and infrastructure technologies paired with our dual-threat Subscription and Professional Services enable your organization to achieve more.

With a secure-by-design approach, our certified engineers tailor services to achieve your desired results through a holistic approach that factors in your business, human, and financial objectives. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to tackle the next project, Kinney Group can help.

Subscription Services

Kinney Group’s Subscription Services reimagines the traditional support model and puts the customer’s needs first. We’ve designed a unique subscription service known as Expertise on Demand (EoD) to address daily roadblocks and questions in a quick and affordable manner. Customers can get anytime, immediate access to our deep bench of engineers to maximize technology investments and unleash the potential of your teams and organization.

Professional Services

Kinney Group’s team of engineers has experience working with deployments of all sizes, various stages of execution, and across a variety of use cases. We’ve helped companies identify end goals, develop and implement technology, grow and optimize environments, and everything in between. By leveraging our expertise and focusing on our core technology partners, we offer unrivaled support and enable complex technology to work together for you.

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