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Partner Resources

Data sheets & co-branded materials

Atlas™ Platform Demo Resources

Atlas Demo (Quick, 10-min)

A 10-minute demonstration of the Atlas Application Suite (2021.2.1) with Georges Brantley.

Atlas Demo Resource Kit (Full demo)

Link to Dropbox with individual video demonstrations of each Atlas Application, a brief video introduction to Atlas, and scripts for delivering the Atlas demo to your customers directly.

Atlas™ Platform Overview Videos

Atlas Launch Video

A 30-minute deep dive into the new Atlas Platform for Splunk with an overview of each functional component of the platform. Provides high-level and technical insights.

Atlas™ Platform Collateral

Atlas Overview/Data Sheet

3-page PDF document with an introduction to Atlas, overview of each component, and brief synopsis of each application included in the Atlas Application Suite. (Customer-facing.)

Atlas One Sheet/Quick Facts

Single-page PDF with a brief overview of Atlas Platform components, how to alert KGI to opportunities, and important contact information for Partners/Resellers. (Not suitable for end-users/customers.)

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Co-branding Guidelines

The following document provides guidance on how to properly co-brand materials from the Kinney Group Collateral Library. If you need any assistance, please reach out to your program contact.