Splunk Managed Services

Managed Services for Splunk Splunk is a journey. Let us drive. Proactive Managed Services from Kinney Group’s team of trail-tested Splunk experts generate results and provide solutions for every stage of your Splunk journey. Why Managed Services for Splunk from Kinney Group? Our team of Splunk-certified experts ensure reliable deployment, management, and monitoring of Splunk […]

Define Your Drilldown in Splunk: $click.value$ vs $click.value2$

In Splunk, there’s a lot to get right when it comes to choosing tokens for your dashboard when using drilldown. Deciding what values to select for your token names and token values in your dashboard drilldown menu can get confusing. You may be asking… How do I know what to name my tokens? What are […]

Keep Things Flowing in Your Splunk Data Pipeline

In a given Splunk environment, there are hundreds (or magnitudes more) of machines generating metrics and feeding your syslog data into Splunk. In a small environment, there is a single syslog server receiving data from hundreds or thousands of machines, like your work laptop, for instance. On the syslog server, there is a Splunk Universal […]

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Meet Atlas Data Management

Splunk is the data to everything platform, capturing massive volumes of data every day. Users will know, though, that without visibility, it can be difficult to extract the maximum value from Splunk. Too often, insufficient monitoring can lead to serious issues in a Splunk instance: platform underutilization, license overage, and even missing data. Each of these problems […]


Automation & Orchestration Services Solutions for smarter workflows and environments.  Your team is inundated with mission critical tasks and day-to-day operations. The last thing you need is to get bogged down doing the same manual tasks, over and over again — the very definition of insanity. Automation & orchestration solutions from Kinney Group free you […]