State, Local, & Education

Helping SLED organizations harness analytics and machine learning.

Today, SLED organizations are seeking cloud-based, agile, collaborative and responsive solutions that can be scaled as needed. As SLED agencies often lack the internal resources to optimize their solution, they require fully managed analytics solutions.

Cloud-savvy SLED organizations understand that having tools alone isn’t enough. In order to fully optimize any solution, you need a team of experts on call who can leverage years of experience to help avoid costly mistakes.

Our team is passionate about helping State, Local, and Education (SLED) organizations harness analytics and machine learning to better serve their constituencies and colleagues.

“We’ve been working with a city government client for 12 months and seen an increase in usage of Splunk, shortened overall time to mission, and given time back to accomplish a wide range of business goals.”

— Jim Kinney, CEO Kinney Group

As an example, our full scope of Splunk services—from design/build engineering, to Splunk application development, to education, and to our Expertise on Demand offering—has been a key enabler for our SLED customers as they seek to tap into the transformative power of Splunk.

Our deep experience with managing Splunk for our SLED customers has allowed their technical representatives to broaden their skill sets and free up time for additional responsibilities.

In addition, leadership gains peace of mind knowing that their implementation is aligned to industry best practices and consequently, are positioned to maximize their investment in the Splunk platform.

Secure by Design,
Not as an Afterthought

Software-defined, real-time approaches to the rescue.

Security is a C-suite imperative with IT, financial, and corporate reputation implications. With security breaches today being reputation killers, security should always be the first and last consideration in IT. At Kinney Group, we rely on our collaborative OEM partnerships combined with our experience working within secure classified networks to meticulously harden, test, and troubleshoot all IT environments.

Our secure by design approach combines solid security architecture design and compliance concepts from the ground up. This means that customers can reduce their time and costs associated with securing complex environments.

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