Secure-by-design solutions for mission-critical operations.

Effective information infrastructure is of paramount importance for our nation’s most critical Defense, Intelligence Community and Civilian agencies located overseas and stateside.

Mission critical information requires the utmost in security and reliability when it comes to national security and supporting U.S. troops on the frontlines of defense. Equally, there is a responsibility to bring advanced, innovative technology that scales with proven efficiencies.

Increasingly, Federal customers must migrate to virtualized systems and process automation in order to meet the challenges in a shifting Federal tech landscape. Our early footprint in this marketplace means we understand the gravity and enormity of what’s ahead in Federal.

Operating outside of the beltway and attracting top-notch engineering talent means we bring fresh thinking to complex challenges that are not encumbered by the status quo. This makes us uniquely equipped to guide some of the most demanding government agencies toward the next generation of world-class IT operations that our military and civil servants deserve.

Kinney Group is a HUBZone certified small business.

Secure by Design,
Not as an Afterthought

Software-defined, real-time approaches to the rescue.

Security is a C-suite imperative with IT, financial, and corporate reputation implications. With security breaches today being reputation killers, security should always be the first and last consideration in IT. At Kinney Group, we rely on our collaborative OEM partnerships combined with our experience working within secure classified networks to meticulously harden, test, and troubleshoot all IT environments.

Our secure by design approach combines solid security architecture design and compliance concepts from the ground up. This means that customers can reduce their time and costs associated with securing complex environments.

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