Technology that works for people. Not the other way around.




Our founder’s unique focus on making technology work for people (vs. the other way around) is one of the key factors in Kinney Group’s impressive success in the Federal market. Government data centers are some of the most demanding data environments requiring a high level of security and trust in supporting critical missions.

Kinney Group’s success in the Federal space has helped us expand our radius to the Commercial market. Serving both markets, we provide high-impact solutions and engineering expertise that is trusted in our country’s most secure data center environments.

Furthermore, our team is passionate about helping State, Local, and Education organizations harness analytics and machine learning platforms to better serve their constituencies and colleagues.

Secure by Design,
Not as an Afterthought

Software-defined, real-time approaches to the rescue.

Security is a C-suite imperative with IT, financial, and corporate reputation implications. With security breaches today being reputation killers, security should always be the first and last consideration in IT. At Kinney Group, we rely on our collaborative OEM partnerships combined with our experience working within secure classified networks to meticulously harden, test, and troubleshoot all IT environments.

Our secure by design approach combines solid security architecture design and compliance concepts from the ground up. This means that customers can reduce their time and costs associated with securing complex environments.

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