Stalled with Splunk? Jump start it with Kinney Group.

Our one-day Jumpstart Service for Splunk gets organizations unstuck with focused services that deliver adoption and value from their Splunk investment.

Jumpstart Service for Splunk is designed to help companies that are:

  • Evaluating new use cases for Splunk
  • Limited on technical resources
  • Struggling to capture ROI with Splunk
  • Seeking documentation and adoption support
  • Short staffed or onboarding new Splunk resources

Step 1:
Review and Assess

  • Whiteboard session
  • High level system review and gap analysis
  • Confirm immediate priorities
  • Confirm business, financial, and human objectives

Step 2:
Deliver and Create

  • Address your existing Splunk use case to deliver immediate value
  • Examples include: Create a dashboard; Data ingestion; System configuration

Step 3:
Educate and Adopt

  • Documentation and knowledge transfer for dashboard building and upkeep
  • Splunk 101 tips and tricks
  • Suggestions and planning for future Splunk improvements

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