Stalled with Splunk? Jump start it with Kinney Group.

Our one-day Jumpstart Service for Splunk gets organizations unstuck with focused services that deliver adoption and value from their Splunk investment.

Kinney Group is thrilled to announce our Jumpstart Service for Splunk. This one-day engagement is aimed at getting stalled Splunk implementations “unstuck” through focused services that deliver adoption and value from your organization’s investment in the powerful Splunk platform.

Jumpstart Service for Splunk is designed to help companies that are:

  • Evaluating new use cases for Splunk
  • Limited on technical resources
  • Struggling to capture ROI with Splunk
  • Seeking documentation and adoption support
  • Short staffed or onboarding new Splunk resources

The JumpStart Process


Step 1: Review and Assess

In this initial step, your Kinney Group consultant will work with you and your team to perform a comprehensive assessment of your Splunk environment. Our objective in this step is to get a deeper understanding of the priorities and objectives of Splunk investment. We want to ensure that your Splunk technology and execution plans are aligned with your priorities.

Activities in Step 1 can include:

  • Conduct a virtual whiteboard session with your team to review your use cases and the design of your Splunk implementation
  • Execute a high-level systems inspection where our consultants will review your Splunk configuration and the set-up of your infrastructure supporting Splunk
  • Discuss the Splunk challenges your team is facing and prioritize them, with the objective of determining what can be resolved quickly to get you “unstuck”
  • Provide a gap analysis and high-level plan for achieving full activation of your Splunk platform

Step 2: Fix, Deliver, or Create

In Step 2, your consultant will zero in on what needs to be done to address the priority items determined in Step 1. This could involve a quick fix in your Splunk environment that is causing a “stuck” condition, the delivery of a powerful Splunk capability, or the quick creation of an outcome in Splunk that will deliver value. Our objective in this step is to re-energize your team and deliver a powerful outcome from your Splunk investment.

Activities in Step 2 can include:

  • Fixing a Splunk configuration or data ingestion issue
  • Delivering a capability from Splunk that aligns with your priority use cases
  • Creating a dashboard or report in Splunk that provides a business insight or outcome

Step 3: Education & Knowledge Transfer

Since 2013, the Kinney Group team has delivered over 400 engineering engagements centered around helping customers with their activation of the Splunk platform. We understand that coming up the curve with your activation and adoption of Splunk can be a challenge. One of the best things we can offer during the wrap up of your Jumpstart engagement is passing along knowledge and “tricks of the trade” for being successful with Splunk technologies.

In Step 3 we provide the following:

  • Guidance on Splunk education strategies and tactics for getting you and your team a solid understanding of the Splunk technology
  • A review of resources that are available to your teams to assist in your journey for thoroughly learning the Splunk platform
  • Tips and tricks that are effective in making your operation of Splunk more effective and for getting quick value out of Splunk analytics via dashboards and reports

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