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Do More with Splunk

See more. Create more. Save more.

About This Webinar

With the specter of a recession looming, you’re depending on your enterprise solutions — like Splunk — to deliver value and help you weather the economic storm. And that means you need your Splunk environment to be fine-tuned and highly-performant.

We’ll show you how you can improve performance and harness the power of Splunk to reduce costs, create additional value for your organization, and ways to empower your Splunk creators to do amazing things with the platform!


  • What is a Splunk Creator? (and how to empower them)
  • Utilizing a free assessment application to identify data sprawl, usability gaps, and performance issues
  • Down & dirty tips for improving performance in your environment
  • An overview of the Atlas Platform for Splunk
  • Special offer to webinar attendees

About Atlas: The Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk

Whatever you’re creating in Splunk — powerful dashboards, incredible insights, a more secure development and IT operations environment, or the analytics you need to generate business results — Atlas is jet fuel for your Splunk journey. Register for this webinar, then check out Atlas here.