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An insatiable pursuit of innovation.

Kinney Group was founded in 2006 by Jim Kinney with a simple vision:

To harness the power and promise of information technology to improve people’s lives.

From humble beginnings in Jim Kinney’s Indiana home, the company has grown to more than 60 employees based out of our Carmel offices, with impressive year-over-year revenue growth.

Since cutting his teeth in the 80s as part of the rapidly changing data processor world, Jim remains driven by an insatiable curiosity for technological evolution and a fascination with making technology deliver simple, real, demonstrable human benefits.

Our founder’s enduring career in technology combined with his entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in a contemporary offering with a 21st-century culture. The imperative to improve people’s lives extends beyond customers. Kinney Group supports employees in their own communities through charitable contributions that matter most to each individual – from scholarship funds, to hospice resources, to Search & Rescue K9s.