The Results: Modernizing Your Splunk Environment

We’ve taken the past few weeks to dive into a powerful solution that proves every bit of value in your Splunk environment. In this solution, 3 Powerful Benefits of Modernizing Your Splunk Environment White Paper, you get a well-tested and credible design that will launch your Splunk environment to the next level. After recapping the huge benefits a design like this can provide, let’s talk about the objectives and results that this reference design could bring to your organization. And if that’s not enough, we want to show your the power of our Reference Design via our upcoming webinar.

First, let’s walk through a quick recap of why modernizing your Splunk environment with the Kinney Group and Pure Storage reference design could lead to unprecedented results for your organization.

3 Key Benefits of Modernizing Splunk


1) Unmatched Performance

The beauty of this reference design lies in the unmatched performance provided by combining PureStorage FlashBlade, Splunk SmartStore, and Kinney Group’s advanced Splunk configuration tuning in a virtualized environment.

2) Simplified Scaling

Accommodating scale is an ever-present struggle for IT teams and data center operators — providing sufficient infrastructure to facilitate more demanding requirements such as increasing compute, storage, and network needs. Complexities introduced by Splunk’s specialized data ingest requirements only make the situation more challenging (not to mention costly).

3) Lower Cost of Ownership

The distributed data center model provides high availability by replicating data, but effectively eliminates any benefits gained from Splunk data compression by increasing storage requirements. Co-locating storage and compute means when you need more storage, you have to add both compute and storage. To further increase the total cost of ownership (TCO), Splunk indexers with a distributed scale-out architecture usually have more servers with less storage to minimize the amount of data and time associated with server maintenance and failures.


The Power of Pure Storage and Kinney Group

Why are Pure and Kinney Group the right resources? We’ve built a reference design serving as your proof. Let us show you the power of what you can do in Splunk… through our 3 Powerful Benefits of Modernizing Your Splunk Environment White Paper. Let’s take a glimpse into what goals and objectives you’ll find met within our reference architecture.

The goal of this reference architecture is to showcase the scalability, performance, manageability, and simplicity of the virtualized FlashStack® solution for a large scale Splunk Enterprise Security deployment…

  • Design repeatable architecture that can be implemented quickly in production sites
  • Utilize VMware to reduce datacenter footprint and scale environment quickly
  • Utilize SmartStore to take advantage of shared object storage to improve operational efficiency and reduce overall disk requirements for the environment

I’m not going to give away ALL of our testing results right here, that’s why you should download your own copy. But here’s a sneak peek behind our findings…


“For data ingest of 500GB/day, Splunk recommends a minimum of 5 indexers* (100GB per indexer), meaning you would need 20 indexers or more for 2TB of volume. This reference design allows for 2TB+ of daily ingest using only 5 indexers — a 75% decrease in hardware requirements.”

Now, Let Us Show You…

In the past few weeks, we discussed the three key benefits of modernizing your Splunk environment through our reference design model in our blog series. Now, let us show you. On Thursday, October 1, we’ll show you the value and benefits of utilizing our Reference Architecture during our webinar, Pure Splunk: 3 Powerful Benefits of Modernizing Your Environment.

This webinar will provide benefits, insights, and a technical overview of a high-performance, scalable, and resilient data center infrastructure for the Splunk Enterprise platform comprised of VMware virtualization, Pure Storage hardware, Splunk SmartStore, and Kinney Group engineering expertise. Sign up for the webinar today!


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