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The New Standard: KGI’s Managed Services for Splunk


Written by: Jim Kinney | Last Updated:

July 7, 2022

Originally Published:

January 26, 2021

When the KGI team announced our Managed Services for Splunk offering, we made a pretty heady statement: we are launching the new standard for a managed service capability for customers using Splunk.

You’ve probably heard companies claim statements like the new standard. However, in our experience, backing up that claim is a different story. We see the KGI team as defining a new standard for Splunk managed services in three compelling ways.

1. Differentiated Experience and Expertise

The KGI team has worked with the Splunk platform since 2013, and over that time we have delivered over 600 engineering services engagements tied to the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms. These engagements have covered projects big and small including both commercial companies as well as U.S public sector organizations.

KGI is a Splunk Elite Services Partner and has been twice recognized as Splunk Public Sector Services Partner of the Year. Our engineering services for Splunk are not limited to security and IT operations use cases – we develop business analytics applications on the Splunk platform that perform a variety of functions.

Specific to security – which is Splunk’s #1 use case – the KGI team offers a unique perspective. Since the company’s origins in 2006, we have supported US Federal defense and intelligence activities that demand stringent approaches to cybersecurity. We apply 15+ years of know-how gained by supporting classified networks in everything we do. A traditional commercial-oriented managed service provider simply will not have this perspective. Your Splunk environment should be secure, and we know how to get it there and keep it there.


2. The Atlas Platform Combined with Expertise on Demand

In November 2020, KGI launched Atlas, the first platform of its kind purpose-built to help organizations achieve exceptional results from their investments in Splunk. Managing a Splunk environment is table-stakes for a managed services provider – enabling organization’s valued colleagues to achieve great things with Splunk is the new standard.

The Atlas platform works with any Splunk environment, whether it’s Splunk Enterprise running on-prem or Splunk Cloud. Atlas addresses the total ecosystem of capabilities that are needed to gain success with Splunk. This includes functions that do not necessarily exist within Splunk technologies, yet are necessary when operating Splunk at scale.

When it comes to managed services, we don’t stop with Atlas – we complement the platform’s capabilities with our Expertise on Demand (EOD) offering. EOD gives end-users immediate access to Splunk experts to assist them in the creation of comprehensive dashboards and reports. With EOD, there are no more struggles figuring out SPL searches or data correlations. Expert help is as close as a phone call or chat session.

And Atlas helps customers save money – big money – with their Splunk investment. From license optimization to the reduction of Splunk’s “soft” costs, pairing Atlas with EOD ensures that an organization’s investment in Splunk is the best it can be.


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3. Passionately Focused on Business Value from Splunk: the KGI Delivery Framework

Organizations invest in Splunk to yield business outcomes and expect specific returns on their investments (aka: ROIs).  The KGI Delivery Framework focuses our teams on delivering three ROIs – mission, financial, and human – within every Splunk project that we tackle.

Delivery of technical outcomes should be expected from any managed services provider – and we deliver Splunk technical excellence in everything we do.  Delivery of business results specific to an organization is a key differentiator of KGI’s managed services offering for Splunk. The KGI Delivery Framework is our proprietary delivery methodology, which ensures organizations receive optimal returns on their investments in Splunk. Kinney Group’s managed services offering ensures that business outcomes are every bit as important as technical outcomes.

If organizations cannot achieve business outcomes from the money they’ve invested in Splunk – what’s the point?


The Kinney Group Difference

Deep and differentiated experience with Splunk. Leverage of the Atlas platform and EOD for driving customer success. A focus on business outcomes. All three of these attributes of KGI’s Managed Services for Splunk offering are elements of the new standard we’ve created.

In addition to the outstanding capabilities outlined above, we haven’t yet touched on world-class security MDR support, cyber terrain maps for identifying exploitable vulnerabilities, and specific vertical market solutions via Atlas.

The new standard in managed services for Splunk is here. It’s not a tagline, it’s the new journey that customers embark upon as they pursue outstanding results with Splunk.

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