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Splunk 101: Basic Reporting and Dashboarding


It’s Mike again, one of Kinney Group’s resident Splunk experts. This week, I’ll review basic reporting and dashboarding functions following best practice methods in this video tutorial.

Basic Reporting and Dashboarding is one of many Splunk troubleshooting issues that is covered by our Expertise on Demand service offering. Within this video, I’ll break down the basics behind these essential functions of Splunk…

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Splunk Help At Your Fingertips

If you’re a Splunker, or work with Splunkers, you probably have a full plate. Finding the value in Splunk comes from the big projects and the small day-to-day optimizations of your environment. Cue Expertise on Demand, a service that can help with those Splunk issues and improvements to scale. EOD is designed to answer your team’s daily questions and breakthrough stubborn roadblocks. We have the team here to support you. Let us know below how we can help.

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