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Meet Atlas: Your Guide for Navigating Splunk


Written by: Kinney Group | Last Updated:

October 8, 2022
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Originally Published:

November 18, 2020

NOTE: In the time since this post was authored, Atlas has grown and evolved into “The Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk.” Now, organizations large and small depend on Atlas every day to help them create new paths to incredible results. The offering has changed slightly from what you’ll read about below, but we love looking back on this little piece of Atlas and Kinney Group history as the day our journey with Atlas officially began. Enjoy!


Last week, we shared some big news! Kinney Group launched Atlas — an exciting new platform for navigating and achieving success with Splunk. We’re thrilled to reveal this revolutionary platform to the world and share more about its vision and technical components.

The mission of Atlas is to help customers derive meaningful value from Splunk for their organization and their colleagues.


What’s stopped organizations so far from reaching their goals in Splunk? The answer is all too real for our friends in the industry: IT teams are under siege.

Splunk is and should always be a key enabler for organizations to reach business, security, and operational objectives. Splunk gives IT teams meaningful insights into security posture, IT Ops, and other analytics. Here’s the issue: these teams are buried in work. IT teams are already charged with an ever-growing list of IT demands. And to top it off, they’re now tasked with managing, implementing, and learning Splunk.

Atlas enables these teams to derive value out of Splunk, fast.

A Look Inside Atlas

Atlas is a subscription service that provides a clear path forward on your Splunk journey with revolutionary datacenter architectures, personal guidance and support, and a collection of applications and utilities that provide powerful insights, instantly. Let’s take a closer look into each component of Atlas.

1. Atlas Reference Designs

Atlas Reference Designs provide a blueprint for modern data architecture. They provide rapid performance increases and reduce indexer requirements, leading to a lower total cost of ownership for your environment. Atlas Reference Designs are built on Splunk validated designs, paired with top hardware and cloud environments, and powered by Kinney Group’s unique Splunk tuning and automation solutions.

Atlas Reference Designs are proven to reduce server counts, cut storage costs, and eliminate hidden OpEx expenses, all while enabling 10x improvements in your Splunk performance.


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2. Atlas Applications and Utilities

Atlas’s Applications and Utilities include multiple tools built to monitor and easily manage your data in Splunk. With an interface that’s clean and easy to navigate, working in Splunk has never been easier.

“The current components in the Atlas platform were selected because they address horizontal pain points across many different Splunk instances and deployments that we’ve seen with Kinney Group customers,” Georges Brantley, Scrum Master at Kinney Group, emphasizes.“We want to help Splunk admins and users further curate their Splunk environment to produce what they need in order to accomplish their mission.”

3. Expertise on Demand

If those tools aren’t enough, how about we arm you with a team of expert Splunkers to help with everything else?

Expertise on Demand (EOD) is your team of dedicated Splunk professionals to help you with on-demand support and Splunk best practice training. Our EOD team can quickly assist with any Splunk question or fix in increments as small as 15 minutes.

Atlas gives you essential visibility into your environment, and Expertise on Demand makes sure you get the support you need.


Splunk is a journey, not a destination. And every component we’ve built into Atlas is specifically and thoughtfully designed to reduce the complexities of Splunk while removing the roadblocks on your journey to success.

There’s still plenty to come from the Atlas platform, and we can’t wait to share more with you. If you’re interested in learning more about the platform, fill out the form below.

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