Case Study: Military Organization Increases Utilization of Splunk and Adoption of the Platform

A Military Organization of the U.S. government faced the significant challenge of adopting a new technology platform, Splunk, within their organization.

This customer leans on technology solutions that drive mission-critical operations. By leading the development, design, production, and sustainment enterprise technology systems, this customer plays an important role in ensuring our military services are operating safely and efficiently. Adoption and education behind Splunk was critical for this customer to achieve operational success.

Because the team failed to adopt the platform, the Splunk license sat untouched and underutilized for years. Throughout those years of underutilization, Splunk could have been doing what it does best for organizations like this: providing logging and secured services while maintain operations, audit trails, and RMF processes. This customer was disappointed in the platform and was hitting tight budget numbers that pushed the team to find help with adopting Splunk.


1. The customer purchased a 100 GB Splunk license that sat underutilized for years due to poor adoption of the platform. When faced with a tight budget, the customer needed to prove the value of Splunk, fast.

2. The team needed help tracking and managing audit trails and RMF processes, a process that was extremely time-consuming.

3. The small team managing Splunk was unable to onboard new users within their organization and expand Splunk usage and collaboration across teams. With one expert Splunker, this team member did not have the capacity to educate others on the platform. They needed help educating other users on the platform to create dashboards and other visualization graphics to support operations.


1. Expertise on Demand provided this team with the ongoing support and education needed to expand the Splunk utilization. Within months of using the EOD service, this team rapidly began educating team members on the platform.

2. In total, Expertise on Demand has educated and trained over 10 additional members of this division on Splunk best practices, dashboard building, and basic visualization methods in Splunk. The team is actively seeking education, looking to Kinney Group as the Splunk evangelists to continue spreading Splunk education to other divisions.

3. Due to the rapid and successful adoption of the Splunk platform, this customer purchased an additional 200 GB in Splunk licensing covering Core, ES, and ITSI.

Business Impacts

An underutilized Splunk environment is costly to both teams and their budgets. Prior to onboarding the Expertise on Demand service and Kinney Group guidance on Splunk, this customer spent hours of their week dedicated to slow processes and frustrating results. This customer also faced tight budget restrictions, needing to see immediate value in Splunk. Now, we’ve seen adoption across multiple teams and users of the Splunk platform. We’ve delivered quick proof of value behind the Splunk platform, seeing their license size nearly x3 their license size in under 2 years of engaging our Expertise on Demand team. Adding Expertise on Demand is like hiring an entire team of Splunk-certified ninjas to support and educate your team. It’s an immediate value-add that has an immediate and sustained impact on your business objectives.


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