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Case Study: Improved Visualization and Dashboarding Success with Splunk for Judicial Entity

With a mission to provide justice through systems and operations, visualizing data across all teams is essential to this judicial court entity. While comprising over 100 locations across the state, this customer needs to process massive quantities of information, fast. The customer’s network team was set on a mission to modernize their entire system in order to process information from each location with speed and precision. While this SLED customer works fast, this group needs to work with other teams through heatmap and ticketing processes that can slow down their system. With years of data sitting in their systems, maintaining and restoring historical data is a top priority.

In order to advance their data analytics capabilities, this customer purchased and implemented Splunk. After moving off of their legacy, open-source system, this customer knew they would be pressed to prove the value in the new Splunk platform. With little to no official Splunk training, this team needed a guide to show them the power of visualization and dashboarding in Splunk.


  1. Following a new Splunk implementation, the customer needed to see results with Splunk fast. After moving over from their legacy system, this customer needed to ensure that they were accurately recording all historical data and moving it forward.
  2. Working with over 100 locations across the country, this customer needed the ability to process their data and display information across all sites with consistent dashboards and visualizations.
  3. With a small team of engineers, also had to work with multiple other teams within their site, the customer had to ramp up their engineers into the Splunk platform.


  1. Our Expertise on Demand team quickly jumped in to show the value in the Splunk platform. After multiple resolved issues with ticketing and dashboarding, the judicial entity was able to adopt the Splunk platform across multiple teams.
  2. Through monthly “Lunch and Learns” and best practice knowledge transfer, our EOD team was able to educate this five-person Splunk team to a higher level of success in understanding and utilizing the platform.
  3. The customer was able to gain significant ground on searching, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities.

Business Impacts

Taking on investment in Splunk can be challenging. With added pressure to see instant results with the platform, our customer was placed under the spotlight to start utilizing the platform and enabling the adoption of Splunk across multiple teams. Through dashboarding and visualization support through our Expertise on Demand service offering, the customer did just that. Through advanced visualization methods in Splunk, the customer can now actively monitor and report metrics across their 100+ sites on all current and historical data.