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Case Study: Home Services Leader Reaches Data Onboarding Success with Splunk Platform


Written by: Kinney Group | Last Updated:

July 7, 2022
Home Services Leader Reaches Data Onboarding Success with Splunk Platform

Originally Published:

August 26, 2020

As the parent company to over 20 home service brands across the world, this customer has seen immense growth year over year. With a constantly expanding and evolving business, our customer needed the ability to manage and secure their data. When dealing with thousands of franchise locations falling under their brand, this customer needs data that is secure by design and can scale with their growing consumer demand. In late 2019, this customer was seeking a data analytics platform and chose Splunk to the lead the way in log management and security across their business.

New users of the Splunk platform, this customer sought guidance and education on this platform for their small team of 3 engineers. With an immediate need to utilize this new platform, they needed a services partner to help them onboard data into Splunk, learn quick response to security incidents, and to connect the dots between their log systems.



1. With a small team of 3 engineers, our customer needed help with education around best practices related to their new Splunk platform

2. Our customer had a massive inventory of data. With 50 GB of Splunk Cloud, this home services leader needed to onboard all of their existing data into Splunk, while fully adopting Splunk’s log management and security capabilities. Analyzing and connecting their log systems was critical for their operations.

3. The customer needed a system that will scale with their growing business. With over 20 acquired brands and thousands of franchise locations, they needed a service that could help them grow their Splunk practice into their constantly evolving business model


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1. One of the most essential resources to this new Splunk team was utilizing the Lunch and Learn sessions offered through Expertise on Demand. This new team of Splunk users holds monthly training sessions on Splunk best practices, enabling their understanding and usage of the Splunk platform.

2. Kinney Group has successfully onboarded data related to Cisco Devices, IIS, SQL, and applications for their Splunk Enterprise. Through the onboarding process, our EOD team has shown the value in the log management and security capabilities of the Splunk platform.

3. Expertise on Demand scales with a business at growth. With multiple tiers of the service offering, our EOD resources scale with our customers. 


Business Impacts

Being new to Splunk can be intimidating. When you’re given a platform that can do everything with your data, it can be hard to find your starting point. Our customer made the important decision to pull in an expert from the very start to set them up for success with Splunk. With a sea of existing data and introducing a new platform like Splunk, onboarding the right data in the right way is essential.

We’ve seen the common pitfall of companies acquiring masses of untapped, unrecognized dark data.  In Splunk’s annual Dark Data Report, it’s noted that 60% of respondents say more than half of their organization’s data is not captured, and much of it is not even understood to exist. This customer knew the risk of dark data and chose a dedicated partner to pull their data into the light. Kinney Group’s Expertise on Demand service helps our customers capture all of their data. This leader in the Home Services industry is growing fast. Expertise on Demand ensures that their data can grow with their business.

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