The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Splunk Teams

Splunk is hard. You may read that and nod your head, roll your eyes, or you may even ask… “What’s Splunk?” All those are appropriate responses for the big data platform that can do just about anything.

As complicated as Splunk is, users of the platform tend to come across similar troubleshooting issues every day. Our Expertise on Demand team, a Kinney Group service dedicated to supporting Splunk customers, has closed over 300 customer support tickets related to Splunk. As a result of these tickets, we’ve identified three common pain points customers face with Splunk.


1. Data Onboarding

Being new to Splunk can be intimidating. When you’re given a platform that can do everything with your data, it can be hard to find your starting point. When taking on a new platform like Splunk, onboarding the right data in the right way is essential 

 As our Expertise on Demand team processes tickets daily reflecting common issues customers face with Splunk. One common pitfall companies fall into is acquiring masses of untapped, unrecognized dark data.  In Splunk’s The State of Dark Data Report, it’s noted that 60% of respondents say more than half of their organization’s data is not captured, and much of it is not even understood to exist. 

Figure 1 - 60% from Splunk's "The State of Dark Data" Report

Figure 1 – 60% from Splunk’s “The State of Dark Data” Report

The fear of Dark Data is real. When you invest in a platform like Splunk, you want to ensure your data is clean and effective. Our EOD team has helped our customer base find their missing data, clean up existing data, and identify the right data sources to produce a well-oiled Splunk machine.

60% of respondents say more than half of their organization’s data is not captured, and much of it is not even understood to exist.



2. Dashboarding and Visualization

Show value in Splunk by presenting your data through top-notch dashboards and visualization tools. Your team may be tasked with creating an executive dashboard to present to your leadership team. Or you may be tasked with maintaining charts that consistently show how you’re tracking in against KPI’s. Regardless, Splunk becomes more powerful with the more people who can understand and use it, and one of the easiest ways to spread that understanding is through visualization.

A top use case for an Expertise on Demand customer circulates around creating and maintaining a visual representation of data. Whether it be fixing a broken dashboarding, or generating a new chart or graph, our EOD team has helped customers resolve hundreds of issues related to visualizing data in Splunk.

For your visuals to be meaningful, your data has to be accurate. For one of our Expertise on Demand customers, a state-government entity, accurate visualization of their data was critical. Data visualization became difficult when their data covered over 100 locations of their offices across the country. Our EOD team zoned in on their ticketing and dashboarding needs, and quickly got the team up and running with visuals that they could present up the management chain. Now, this customer has effective tools to allow them to see data across each location and maintain visuals that prove the value in Splunk up to leadership team members.


3. Adoption and Engagement

We’ve walked through problems that customers face with onboarding and implementing Splunk. Then, we touched on the importance of seeing your results in the Splunk platform. Now, what happens when you’re six months… a year… five years into your Splunk journey and you’re still not seeing the full value of the Splunk platform? Struggling with adoption and engagement of the Splunk platform is the most common use case we have resolved for our EOD customers.

Admittedly, getting an organization to fully adopt and engage with the Splunk platform is difficult. That’s where Expertise on Demand and our team of Splunk experts add value. Expertise on Demand hones on the ability to deliver best practice knowledge transfer and education around the Splunk platform. Through on-demand access to our Splunk experts and individualized Lunch and Learn sessions, our EOD customers a full slate of Splunk educational resources at their fingertips.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had one Expertise on Demand customer, a large Insurance company, host 60-80 attendees every one of their custom EOD Lunch and Learn sessions. This customer utilizes EOD services as a way to educate large teams and enable adoption of the Splunk platform throughout their organization.


Splunk is hard. We make it easy.

We have the Splunk experience and we’re here to help. We’ve helped our customers troubleshoot these three challenges with Splunk, we know it can be tough to tackle. We’ve seen the Expertise on Demand offering work at every stage of a customer’s journey with Splunk. If any of these uses cases, or all of them, resonate with you and your team – let’s talk. Fill in your contact information below and we’ll connect you with one of our expert Splunkers.


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