Webinar Replay: Expertise on Demand for Splunk Services

Splunk Expertise on Demand Services - Webinar Replay - Kinney Group

Get The Most Out of Your Splunk Investment with Expertise on Demand for Splunk Services

Listen in as Splunk experts from the Kinney Group explain how you can get dedicated Splunk expertise at your fingertips now. Co-hosts Carl Bahor and Jake Miller will do a deep dive on our Expertise on Demand (EoD) for Splunk Services and answer questions regarding the changing landscape of Splunk.

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This pre-recorded webinar was held on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

EoD for Splunk was created to keep Splunk doing its best work for your teams and organization. Built for companies executing important, complex, sensitive work, Splunk is the No. 1 big data platform in the market today. When used to its potential, it can deliver powerful insights in the areas of security and IT operations. As a strategic platform, Splunk can power organizations’ use cases for Internet of Things (IoT), compliance, and business intelligence applications.

But Splunk can’t function without people. When organizations don’t have enough Splunk expertise on staff, nor the time needed for teams to develop that expertise with their personnel, your investment of time, money, and energy in Splunk can fall flat. This is precisely why Kinney Group developed EoD for Splunk.

Kinney Group’s Splunk Experts to the Rescue

Whether you’re short-staffed, on a tight budget, or banking on the internet to get over all your Splunk hurdles, Kinney Group’s Expertise on Demand (EoD) for Splunk service can help. Expertise on Demand for Splunk bridges the gap between SOW-driven professional services and break/fix customer support.

Don’t let your investment in Splunk fall flat because you don’t have enough expertise on staff. Let Kinney Group help you maximize your time, investment, and energy in Splunk. Find out how to get anytime, immediate access to our deep bench of Splunk experts with a subscription to Expertise on Demand for Splunk services.

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