Leverage Splunk at Scale, Fast with Pure Storage

We live in the age of the operational intelligence platform. This technology undeniable for organizations because it is making machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. By harnessing platforms like Splunk, organizations can tear down departmental silos enterprise-wide, and can creatively ask questions of all their data to maximize opportunities. To make this a reality, hardware and infrastructure is a critical consideration.

Leveraging traditional storage approaches for Splunk at scale is under siege. One of the greatest risks to enterprise-wide adoption of Splunk is inadequate, under-sized, or non-performant hardware. Organizations frequently want to repurpose existing and aging hardware, leaving Splunk customers dissatisfied with the implementation, and possibly the entire platform.

Good news. A superior hardware approach is here: running Splunk on Pure Storage FlashStack.

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Imagine an all-flash reference architecture that enables true harnessing of a Splunk deployment (technically, and for the bottom-line):

  • Smarter Computing. 5x greater efficiency at the compute layer
  • Operationally Efficient. 10x greater efficiency in rackspace, power, heating, and cooling compared to equal disk-based solution
  • Uniquely Virtualized. On a 100% virtualized environment with native Pure + VMware High Availability features
  • Smarter Spending. Higher ROI on hardware, so the same budget can be reallocated to further harnessing the power of Splunk at scale

The result is true competitive advantage as an organization achieves improved simplicity and performance while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of enterprise Splunk deployments. Splunk on Pure Storage Flashstack empowers organizations to manage large Splunk instances as they journey toward the analytics-driven, software-defined enterprise.