Secure Private Cloud Capability Launch: 2015 AFCEA TechNet

Our wise robot, Techie, is here to alert you to valuable information: a secure private cloud solution accredited for operation on Army networks is available today from Kinney Group, Inc.

Kinney Group, Inc. (KGI) exhibited at the AFCEA TechNet Cyber Convergence event August 25-27, 2015 in Augusta, GA and personnel briefed attendees on the Company’s Secure Private Cloud reference design that is in operation today supporting mission.

Techie the Robot helped us bridge the gap between engineering and the human element, as we shared the story about the capability, and the hardware, virtualization, and automation platforms that make this design possible. The Secure Private Cloud design from Kinney Group is hardened and represents a new paradigm for the Army organizations adopting cloud computing and for staging and deploying expeditionary mission systems. The KGI design fully leverages current Army investments in VMware software and existing compute, storage, and network infrastructure resources.

The event is over, which means we have time to focus on sharing the capability with you. In a 5 minute discussion, KGI personnel can show you how to easily and cost-effectively implement agile cloud computing capabilities within your existing data center – and not require the need for third party cloud solutions that you have no control over.

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