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Automation Services Practice

Deliver better results — faster, and more profitably.

Automation Services:

Automation Integration & Deployment Engineering

We assist organizations in their full deployment of automation technologies in both DevOps & IT operations settings.

DISA STIG Compliance Automation

Specific to organizations that require systems security hardening and compliance in accordance with DISA STIGs, we offer a portfolio of services that leverage Puppet to achieve this capability.

Fractional Puppet Engineering & Administration

This offering provides customers with access to dedicated Puppet engineers at prescribed fixed times each week. This offering is particularly effective for organizations using Puppet and other scanning technologies to achieve defined compliance standards (e.g. DISA STIG, CIS, etc.).

Puppet Module Development

The key enablers for the Puppet platform are Puppet modules. Kinney Group has a skilled development team with extensive experience developing Puppet modules for any system or application.

Puppet Expertise on Staff

This service is for organizations seeking full-time equivalent (FTE) support of their Puppet implementations and operations.

Organizations large and small trust Kinney Group to deliver superior results.

About Kinney Group's Automation Practice

Since the Company’s founding in 2006, Kinney Group has provided automated system deployment and configuration management solutions for both Commercial and Public Sector organizations. The Company believes robust configuration management is “basic hygiene” for achieving effective security of critical workloads and systems, and using automation is the highest-probability way of achieving operational control of configurations.

Kinney Group works with a wide array of automation platforms, including Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, and the suites of automation tooling from GitLab, Atlassian, VMware, and HashiCorp. We apply these technologies in an integrated fashion to support DevOps and IT operations requirements, both in the cloud and within organizations’ own data centers. We work with all software application environments regardless of whether an application is deployed as “bare metal,” via virtual machines or through the use of containers and Kubernetes.

Kinney Group believes that organizations should be attentive to managing system “state” in order to achieve the most robust posture for application performance and security management. We believe that the industry leader for managing system state is Puppet, and we have focused much our efforts on maximizing the power of the Puppet technology, through both Puppet Enterprise and Puppet open source

Automated Deployment

Kinney Group has helped the biggest global brands as well as federal government entities deploy consistent and reliable Splunk environments with push-button simplicity. When repeatable, secure deployments are just the beginning of your requirements, Kinney Group is there with proven solutions to make it happen. We have automated everything from proprietary applications to building out virtual datacenters resulting in consistent, repeatable outcomes. 

DevOps & CI/CD

Speed up product release cycles without sacrificing quality. CI/CD and release automation tools allow you to easily deploy complex, full-stack, hybrid app environments for each stage of the application release pipeline, ensuring you can mimic production early and often, dramatically reduce your release cycles, and eliminate costs associated with managing development and test infrastructure. 

Harnessing the power of Splunk, we can also provide your team with a comprehensive set of reports and dashboards summarizing activity for showback and planning. Are you Splunking your CI/CD pipeline for greater visibility? 

Automated Compliance & Security Hardening

Applying hardening principles, such as Secure Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), is a must to clear regulatory compliance hurdles. Manually, it’s a near impossible task with no assurance the hardening will be in place the next time it is checked.

The Atlas™ platform’s applications and support components make automation at scale (and complexity) infinitely easier. We make use of configuration as code and best practices as code principles for sustainable hardening that will save your team thousands of man hours (and potentially millions in related costs).


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