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Better data, faster results, and increased usability

Empower your team to create powerful solutions with Splunk. Take 30 minutes to complete the free Atlas Assessment and discover how.

What does the Atlas Assessment application do?

The Atlas™ Assessment application provides a robust evaluation of your Splunk environment’s performance, usability, and data hygiene. The Assessment tells you where the problems are and provides recommendations for correcting and improving the environment with Kinney Group’s Atlas Platform for Splunk. It’s a zero dollar assessment that provides critical insights in three areas:

Data Hygeine

Do you know what your data is doing? Data Awareness™ insights will allow you to solve pain points such as:

  • Dashboards with missing or inaccurate data
  • Missed alerts or false positives due to incomplete data
  • Failed data sources or downed forwarders that go undiscovered

The Assessment app will also shine a light on unused or unneeded data and illuminate how data is being utilized (this could mean huge cost savings).

Gaps in Usability

The Assessment app can help identify areas within your environment that may not line up with Splunk best practices, and areas where you could be getting more from your investment in Splunk.

If you’ve ever thought, “Splunk is too difficult for new admins to manage,” or “I’m not sure enough people are utilizing Splunk to justify the expense,” this Assessment and the Atlas platform may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Splunk Performance

Search-related errors, search quality, and search concurrency all play a role in your environment’s dependability and performance. The Assessment app will provide key insights that could improve your performance and results dramatically.

“It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. We downloaded the application from Splunkbase and had actionable next steps in less than half an hour. Incredible.”

— IT Professional // Large Public University

Trusted to deliver.

Hundreds of organizations, large and small, trust Kinney Group to deliver superior results.

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What is Atlas?

Atlas™ is the Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk that provides a clear path forward on your journey to business results with the platform. Atlas includes revolutionary datacenter architectures, personal guidance and support, and a collection of applications and utilities that provide powerful insights, instantly. The platform’s three components bring new, innovative solutions to the Splunk community and enable scalable, consistent success.