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See more. Do more. Save more in Splunk.

Atlas™, the Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk,
unlocks the full potential of Splunk for every user.

Empowerment for Splunk Solution Creators

Make the most complex Splunk tasks push-button simple, harness the power of automation for lightning fast outcomes, and gain x-ray vision for your license — natively within your Splunk environment.

Organizations large and small trust Kinney Group to deliver superior results.

"Atlas is bad@$$…"

—InfoSec Analyst, Global Telecomm

Get customized, high-level overviews of your organization’s mission-critical data. Make confident decisions and easily scale for your evolving needs. Know, with precision, what your Splunk license $$$ is being used for (and what’s going to waste).

"Atlas is a force multiplier…"

—Senior Consultant, Global Defense Corp

Empower users with little or no knowledge or Splunk’s proprietary search language (SPL) to get instant results, all with the push of a button. Grow your team with access to 50+ U.S.-based Splunk experts for much less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Dramatic savings in Splunk

Save hundreds of thousands (or more) on Splunk costs with Atlas applications that give you “x-ray vision” for your license. Grow your team with Atlas’ included Splunk-certified experts who can serve as your Fractional Splunk Admins — 100% of the expertise and readiness you need, at a fraction of the cost.


What's Included with Atlas?

Powerful software elements, all residing within Splunk, for data & ecosystem management, push-button simple search capabilities, and a variety of helpers, inspectors, and assistants to empower admins and users alike.

Atlas Assessment

Data Management

Data Utilization


Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling Inspector

Forwarder Awareness

Search Library

ES Helper

Migration Helper

STIG Compliance*

*Only included with Atlas STIG Compliance

Supporting your success and growth every step of the way

Atlas Foundations+ gives you access to our team of 50+ US-based, Splunk-certified superheroes who are just a click away to help you get the most from Splunk. Training? Support? That dashboard you’ve been trying to nail? With Atlas Expertise on Demand, we’ve got you covered.


Standard Product Support

on demand

Troubleshooting & support for Atlas software

Premium Splunk Support (ES, UBA, ITSI…)

Searching & Dashboarding Assistance

System Administration Assistance

Data Administration Assistance

Splunk Logging Verification

General System Troubleshooting

Custom Lunch & Learn Events