Michael joined Kinney Group in 2007.

Education: Capitol College, M.S. Network Security; Dayton, B.A. and B.S. , A+, ITIL, MCSE, NCIE-AN, SEC+, VSP, VTSP5, Splunk Certified Architect

Technical Specialties: Enterprise Analytics, Security, and Storage

Technology most geeked about? Quantum Distributed Computing is neat.

Engineering claim to fame? Thought implanting. What’s that you ask? It’s the ability to take a concept that has grown in my head and transfer it, using runes, from my head into another person’s head. It would be a great way to teach abstract technology concepts to people.

Superpower you’d most like to have? Time travel. Sure, I could use it for sports betting (Right, Biff?). But, I want time travel to learn about world history. Imagine all the mysteries and debates that could be settled.