Secure by Design, Not as an Afterthought

By baking solid security architecture and compliance concepts in from the ground up, our customers can take advantage of our work in classified environments. This means that customers can reduce their time and costs associated with securing complex environments.

Software-Defined, Real-Time Approaches to the Rescue


Modern, advanced cyber threats are well beyond detection capabilities, making prevention no longer effective. In today’s threat landscape, you must be able to better manage and monitor your environment. At Kinney Group, we’re helping our customers accomplish this with VMware NSX and Splunk.

Watch this video to see how VMware NSX (software-defined networking) and Splunk (platform for real-time insights through machine data) form a dynamic duo to create an agile, flexible security architecture that can improve your organization’s overall security.


Get the Infographic

Kinney Group NSX Infographic
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Is your organization’s security at risk? Do you need to bring a better data center security model to your organization, but don’t know where to turn? Have no fear, because Kinney Group is here. There are many villains and cyber criminals in the world, but with VMware NSX and Splunk’s powers combined, we can create a better security posture for you and your organization. Download our infographic to learn more about how Kinney Group can save the day.

We know there is a lot to consider when thinking about organizational security. If you’d like to schedule a security consultation or demo, fill out the contact form for the white paper above or call us at (317) 991-9070 to set up a conversation.