Laura Vetter joined Kinney Group in 2012 and found her passion through unrelenting acceleration of her goals and a belief in Kinney Group’s mission. Acceleration is defined as increasing the rate of speed of something. Increasing our speed is one thing that successful Kinney colleagues exhibit every day.

While the bulk of Laura’s experience has been in the IT Infrastructure market; she was quick to identify her passion within the broader analytics space, specifically in IoT (Internet of Things). With a new vision in her sights, she started working with customers to bring the power of analytics and machine data to the business that we serve. En route to that goal she was instrumental in building out a state of the art Splunk team that allows us to scale our analytics capabilities day-by-day. Now Laura is seen by customers as an insightful leader who can connect the dots between technology and business needs.

Laura VetterLaura Vetter, Chief Technologist and Splunk Ninja.

After carefully building the foundational skills that support a defined objective, the next natural step is to move forward with full force. As Chief Technologist, Laura Vetter is responsible for helping recognize where technology is headed and how we can best leverage those changes for our customers. This may involve us taking on a new technology line or pairing two or more existing technologies into a packaged solution that can be reliably and consistently leveraged for our customers.


From a young age, Laura Vetter often found herself spending Indiana summers playing baseball in the front yard with her siblings. The days she spent outside with her siblings instilled a drive to compete. That competition allows her to strive for excellence and accept nothing less in her personal and professional life. When she has passion for something, she chases it with fervor.

Laura grew up in a small town southeast of Indianapolis, with a population just shy of 700, where she ran cross-country and track and learned to play the organ from Sr. Mary Ellen Gillman. She also spent long hours on her family’s cattle farm where she learned that the workday is not over until the job is done with quality and vigor. A natural leader, she often pushed her siblings to work harder and she never stopped competing on and off the field.

She graduated as a proud Hoosier from Indiana University, majoring in Biology. Her passion for the human sciences was deterred when she was exposed to SQL databases post-graduation. Her innate drive to sharpen her skills lead to the achievement of a few SQL certifications. From her beginnings in database administration, the next logical step was pivoting to front-end programming. Her career path twisted, turned, and detoured through Linux programming in C and C++, which rounded out her expertise. The compilation of the skills she acquired over the years gives her deep insight into the different platforms she presently specializes in while eliminating any tendencies of siloed thinking.

After harnessing test code written primarily in shell and python, her passion for automation was ignited by Blade Logic. We finally catch up to Laura on her path with Splunk and AppDynamics. She is a resident Splunk expert along with other analytics tooling in addition to the coaching and mentoring she does day-to-day with her team. You can also find her in countless customer meetings tackling major business problems head on. Her innate inclination to grind through analytics problems does not allow a challenge of any size to intimidate or diminish her bias to action. The ability to provide the highest quality solutions through both professional services and regular customer interaction is what gets Laura out of bed every morning, ready to tackle the day.


Our Chief Technologist has had many different roles within Kinney Group. Laura joined Kinney Group in 2012 as a Senior Engineer. She was quickly identified as a leader within her team and the organization. From Team Lead to Director of Engineering the successes piled up and customers were consistently recognizing her for her work. She is an expert in her field and is someone to look up to within the organization. Her core technology competency and certification presently is with Splunk, the white-hot analytics platform. Designating their certified architects as “Ninjas,” Laura is certainly a hands-on data sensei herself, as comfortable in the Boardroom as she is in the Data Center.

She understands the art of the business transformation and how an organization can leverage deep correlation of real-time and historical data to help entities tear down silos and get valuable, unprecedented insight. Locally and nationally, she also provides Splunk professional services to customers, primarily for security, IT Operations, and on enterprise-wide IT systems integration projects. She believes the IoT space is the next area that will be wrangled with tools such as Splunk, opening the value of machine data to traditionally non-technical businesses. Laura is no stranger to life on the road but she appreciates that when she does return home, there are Kinney Group policies in place that allow her to disconnect, and mentally recharge with family and friends.


When thinking of the future, Laura predicts Kinney Group will continue to preserve a sense of family throughout the organization. She sees our focus remaining broad within the infrastructure space while keeping a small subset of products that we are fiercely passionate about. Being the best at what we do is a lofty goal but she envisions us continuing to strive and achieve that distinction.

Laura’s family values and passion for solving tough problems is one of many reasons why she is a huge asset and joy to have on the team.



    • Describe Kinney Group’s culture in three words. Progressive. Thoughtful. Fast-Paced.


  • Where is your favorite place to visit in Indianapolis? The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So many sensors, so little time to make the right decision – at all levels.


  • What is your spirit animal and why? An Eagle. They look at things, they assess, but they aren’t afraid to get into the mix when life demands it. Plus, they have the best view.

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