We lead by example, maintaining a top-down transparent philosophy that ensures our staff has access to leadership, information, and a vested interest in client success. We have a shared vision and sense of purpose. Collectively we work to provide employees the confidence to know that we support them to uphold the standards set forth by our founder. Our colleagues love their work, and that translates into clients who enjoy and value working with us.


Jim Kinney

President and CEO

Inspired by? I worked at TGI Fridays as a teenager in 1976. I was inspired by two restaurant managers there who showed me simple things that I still carry with me today.

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Amy Oviedo

Vice President, People Operations

Random fact? I’ve never met a karaoke bar I didn’t like. You should hear my Joan Jett!


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Sarah Nelms

Chief Operating Officer

Random fact? I was a contestant on The Price is Right. Yep, that was my 15 minutes of fame; quite literally after factoring in commercial breaks.

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